P-47D Little Bunny MK II 10cc span 52in with NACA drops, by Seagull Models

NZ$678.13 NZ$535.72

Seagull P-47D "Little Bunny" MK II  10cc with NACA droops 

Wingspan--------------- 55.0 in (140.0 cm).
Wing area--------------- 560.2 sq.ins (36.1 sq.dm).
Weight------------------- 8.4 lbs (3.8 kg).
Length------------------- 45.2 in (114.8 cm).
Engine/Motor size----- 8-10cc gasoline.
Radio--------------------- 7 channels with 9 servos.

Item Code: SEA338

It is perfect for the entry-level pilot. It will allow you to go from training to advanced sport maneuvers without upgrading or purchasing a new plane. Once you’ve mastered the basics with the help of a flight instructor, simply remove the NACA droops and advance to sport maneuvers and it has incredible scale detail.

  • Progressive design allows smooth advancement to the next level of RC flight
  • Removable plastic NACA droops for extra stabilization during training.
  • 3-D computer engineering produces parts that fit with absolute precision for straight, strong assembly.
  • Slotted flaps provide function as well as scale appearance to maintain scale lines.
  • The wood is of high quality of balsa and balsa plywood and birch plywood from Russia and the laser-cutting is very well done.
  • The Seagull P-47D MkII is not your average trainer. After the first takeoff, all doubt was removed. With the NACA droops and low rates it is a tame flier. It easily flies big gentle patterns so you can work on abusing that landing gear, opps - I mean work on landings. I would recommend that you install the optional servos for flaps.
  • I would recommend that if you are learning to fly, do two things. The first is join your local club and find a qualified, experienced instructor. The second is to get a computer simulator and practice every chance you get!
  • When you're ready to step up, go to a 2 blade propeller and spinner, remove the NACA droops and kick up the control throws. Then the Seagull P-47D MK II becomes a great second airplane. You will learn aerobatics while perfecting those spot-landing skills with the flaps. If you want to progress to a warbird, I feel that this airplane is a good stepping stone.
NZ$678.13 NZ$535.72