Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 Flybarless Almost Ready-To-Fly $589.00
Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 Flybarless Almost Ready-To-Fly
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The Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 helicopter is now available in a flybarless factory assembled Almost-Ready-To-Fly configuration. It's 95% assembled, and includes all of the servos, electrics, motor & flybarless gyro. All you need to supply is your own transmitter & receiver, 3 Cell 2200 mAh LiPo battery & charger.

The Mini Titan posseses superb flight stability for training new pilots. Rugged one-piece molded frame and minimal parts count make the mini Titan E325 FL one of the strongest mini electric helicopters on the market. It's easy to operate and inexpensive to repair.

Included In The Box:

  • Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 FL Flybarless Helicopter factory assembled.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Brushless motor 3500 kv.
  • 40 Amp Speed Controller.
  • Thunder Tiger GT5 3-Axis Gyro with built-in DSMX/DSM2 receiver function.
  • Ace RC Digital Micro DC1016 cyclic servos.
  • Ace RC Digital DC0915 tail servo.
  • 325mm Carbon Fibre main blades.
Required To Complete:
  • 6 Channel radio system with CCPM mixing.
  • 3 Cell 2200 mAh LiPo Battery & Charger.
  • Super strong and light weight one-piece main frame.
  • Molded one-piece landing skid.
  • Easily accessible and removable motor to change pinions.
  • High-positioned battery tray for better aerobatics.
  • 120 Degree CCPM cyclic with flybarless main rotor head.
  • Main rotor grips with 2 radial and single thrust bearing.
  • Belt-driven tail autorotation system.
  • Entire tail assembly detaches unplugs for easy packing and storing.
  • Precise tail pitch control system.


GT5 flybarless gyro included.


95% factory assembled.

  • Full length of fuselage 654mm.
  • Full width of fuselage 120mm.
  • Total height: 210mm.
  • Main rotor diameter 748mm (325mm main blades).
  • Tail rotor diameter 156mm.
  • Gear ratio 1:11.5:4.4.
  • Full equipped weight 750g

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