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Spektrum DX9 Transmitter Only
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The DX9 has a number of features that make this the transmitter to own in the 9 channel class. Key among these is voice alerts, wireless trainer function, and the comfort and ease of programming only Spektrum can provide. The easy to program but highly capable airware software system makes complicated setups simple and encourages people to do more with their hobby. Telemetry will become more useful and meaningful with the voice alerts in the DX9, and for a fully integrated voice feedback system Spektrum offers a full suite of advanced telemetry sensors.

All New Spektrum AirWare™ Software. Remarkably Easy to Use.

The DX9's powerful new Spektrum AirWare software was developed exclusively by Spektrum from the ground up. This software includes all the programming functions an expert pilot could want, but you don't have to be an expert to use them. The DX9's intuitive Simple Scroll interface lets you "roll and click" your way between menus with ease. And all the information is presented in crisp, clear detail on a big, backlit LCD screen.

Built-In Telemetry. Fly Smarter with Vital Model Feedback.

The DX9's built-in telemetry feature gives you vital, real-time information about what's happening with your model in flight - information that can prevent crashes and maximize performance. The telemetry data appears in an easy-to-read format on the large backlit LCD screen so you can reference it at a glance. You can also have the DX9 alert you whenever any telemetry values exceed limits you define.

Beyond new software and telemetry, the DX9 includes the Spektrum Data Interface. The SDI is designed for use with standard SD memory cards and adds a whole new level of flexibility and ease-of-use.

With the SDI, you will be able to:

  • Share model setups.
  • Save more models to memory.
  • Stay up-to-date with AirWare Software Updates.

Superior Ergonomics. Made to Fit the Way You Fly.

Some of the more notable features include:


Comfort GripsSoft:
No-slip rubber grips on the back and sides of the transmitter case naturally conform to your hands and make long flights much more comfortable.


Completely New Gimbal Mechanics:
Each gimbal boasts the silky smooth precision of dual ball bearings on each axis. That's four ball bearings per gimbal. They also feature adjustable spring tension and stick length so you can fine tune the control feel exactly the way you want it.


User Adjustable Mode Configurations:
The DX9 comes out of the box with a standard Mode 2 stick configuration. Its new software and gimbal mechanics, however, make it possible for you to change the stick setup to Mode 1, Mode 3 or Mode 4 in minutes.


User-Assigned Switch Functions:
Every switch on the DX9 can be assigned a different function based on what is most intuitive for you. This is a luxury normally reserved for much more expensive radios and one you will wonder how you ever did without.


Large, Backlit LCD Screen:
The generous proportions of the DX9's backlit LCD screen make it easy to access and change programming settings in different lighting conditions without straining the eyes. It also makes it easy to read telemetry data at a glance during flight.


Global Smart Charging System:
The ingenious on-board charging system can be powered by any 12V power source with a compatible 4mm barrel connector. This includes 12V DC power supplies, 12 volt batteries or even from the accessory jack in your vehicle for convenient charging at the field. The charger even detects the chemistry of the transmitter batteries you're using (Li-Po or Ni-MH) and automatically adjusts the charge type and cutoff.

Key Features:
  • 9 fully-proportional channels.
  • User-configurable switch and stick assignment
  • Voice alerts - transmitter can speak to the user in 5 different languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French) to communicate information from telemetry
  • Wireless trainer system with model match - instructors can work with multiple students without having to re-bind to each student
  • Virtually unlimited model memory - transmitter stores up to 250 models and only populates the model list with models the user has configured
  • Direct system menu access - it is not necessary to power off the transmitter to access the key system menu
  • Active gyro and governor trim in heli, 3-axis gyro support for aircraft - allows adjustment of gyro gain for all 3-axes in flight
  • Absolute travel feature prevents over-driving servos when using mixes
  • High resolution 192x96 backlit LCD screen
  • User mode selectable (1 - 4), comes in Mode 2 configuration
  • 7 point curves give the ability to fine tune model setups to allow precision adjustments of mixes and pitch/throttle curves
  • Helicopter electronic "E Ring" electronically prevents overdriving the cyclic servos
  • Forward programming capability already built into the DX9 will ensure customers can take advantage of the next generation of Spektrum components.

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