Solarfilm Airspan Tissue 1.83m Blue $17.80
Solarfilm Airspan Tissue 1.83m Blue
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Solarfilm Airspan is a very light, thin synthetic fibre tissue. It is slightly porous so requires a light coat of dope to seal. This gives the rigidity and tension of a doped finish plus the extra strength and toughness of synthetic fibres. Weight is approximately 24 to 28 grams per square metre.

Airspan is much stronger and more puncture resistant than normal doped tissue. It is unaffected by moisture or water.

Airspan is ideal for use on small rubber driven free flight to lightweight power models up to 1.27m span. It is very good on flexible airframes as the doped Airspan will stiffen the frame better than Litespan.

As with Fibafilm and Litespan use Balsaloc as a heat seal adhesive, or dope the airframe and allow to dry. Then lay the Airspan on and paint the edges with dope thinners.

Available in sheet sizes 0.91m and 1.83m lengths by 0.5m wide and a range of colours including white, yellow, orange, red, blue, black, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink.

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