Seagull Models Boomerang Trainer 40 Size Kitset $168.00
Seagull Models Boomerang Trainer 40 Size Kitset
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If you would like to build your own Seagull trainer and cover it to your tastes, then the Boomerang 40 balsa trainer is just what you need.

  • All the hardware you need is included (wheels, tank, pushrods etc).
  • Easy to fly, with great self-righting characteristics.
  • Durable and repairable lightweight balsa and plywood construction.
  • Suitable for electric conversion.
  • Wing Span 155 cm.
  • Weight 2.8 kg.
  • Engine required 40 to 55 two stroke.
  • Radio required minimum 4 channel with 4 standard servos.

Seagull Models have specialised in designing and manufacturing ARF aircraft since 1998, and are today one of the largest and most experienced model manufacturers in Vietnam and Asia.

All of their premium models feature lightweight balsa (from Papua New Guinea) and high quality plywood.

State of the art laser cutting, injection moulding, vacuum forming and CNC manufacturing ensure quality with every aspect of their model aircraft production.
  • Wingspan: 155 cm.
  • Wing area: 39.5 dm.
  • Motor: 40 - 45 two stroke or 54 four stroke.
  • Length: 111 cm.
  • Approximate flying weight: 2.8 kg.
  • Radio: 4 channel with 4 servos.

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