Ridge Runner 72" Glider Laser Cut Short Kit $163.00
Ridge Runner 72" Glider Laser Cut Short Kit
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Do you feel the need for speed on the slope?! Well the 72" Ridge Runner could be what you need.

Designed in the early 1970's for slope aerobatic and pylon race events, the Ridge Runner placed in the finals of the 1973 and 1974 RCM Trophy Races, and it was the most popular slope soarer entry.

The Ridge Runner provides crisp control authority, and aerobatic capabilities to keep a pattern flyer interested.

We have computer-generated the wing ribs using an F3B aerofoil, and have included both vertical tail designs shown on the plan so you can choose to build either option.

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  • Wingspan: 72" / 1828mm
  • Number of channels: 2 - 3
  • Includes full sized rolled plan
Materials Required For Airframe Completion:
See the bottom of the page to add
these materials in with your kitset
  • 1.5 x 100 x 915 Balsa Sheet x 5
  • 2.5 x 75 x 915 Balsa Sheet x 3
  • 3.0 x 75 x 915 Balsa Sheet x 1
  • 6.5 x 9.5 x 915 Balsa Stick x 2
  • 9.5 x 9.5 x 915 Balsa Sticks x 2
  • 3.0 x 9.5 x 915 Spruce Sticks x 4
  • 9.5 x 38 x 915 Training Edge x 2

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laser cut parts included in the kitset

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