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Our Latest Laser Cut Shirt Kit! The Australian Victa Airtourer!

Another iconic Australian aircraft returns from a 1960's design by George Hahn, with our Laser Cut Short Kit of the Victa Airtourer 115. To quote the designer, "If you want a full scale model that flies just the way you wished all your planes would fly, this is it! The plane grooves so nicely I have been putting off a temptation to build a duplicate or two for my everyday flying. Try one and see if you agree." Check it out here.

Another One For The Vintage Fans - From the 1930's Ben Shereshaw's 72" Mercury

Our Vintage Laser Cut Short Kits are some of the most popular kits in our line, so we are pleased to announce the re-birth of another classic from the 1930's, with Ben Shereshaw's 72" Mercury. Originally designed as a free flight model running a spark ignition motor, we are pleased to present a 3 channel RC version, which will be perfect for a 34 - 45 size two stroke. This aircraft has very pretty lines in it's wing shape, and we have included MDF jigs to simplify construction. Check it out here.

An NZ Agricultural Icon Returns - The Fletcher Fu-24 - Our Latest Laser Cut Short Kit!

It's been a long time since the Fletcher Fu-24 has been seen around NZ flying fields, so we have spent hundreds of hours on our brand new development of this iconic NZ aircraft. Working from full-size drawings and consulting with Fletcher experts we are very proud to present our 84" 120 size Fletcher Fu-24.

Designed in-house by a Master Aeromodeller, with modern building practices and techniques in mind, you will be rewarded with a very large and strong, great looking aircraft, ready to dust your field. Check it out here.

ECX Circuit 1/10
Stadium Truck LiPo Ready

Was $359
Now $259

ECX Circuit 1/10
Stadium Truck WITH LIPO

Was $379
Now $329

Eflite Convergence PNP

Was $399
Now $379

1/10 Monster Truck

Was $339
Now $279

1/10 Desert Buggy

Was $339
Now $239 - $269

Eflite Convergence BNF

Was $449
Now $429

Spektrum DX6i With AR6210 Receiver Rechargeable AA Batteries & Mains Charger Now Only $279!!

The Spektrum DX6i, the ubiquitous 6 channel transmitter is now only $279!! With the introduction of the new Spektrum DX6, the original DX6i has been reconfigured with an AR6210 receiver and 4 x AA rechargeable batteries with mains charger, and is now only $279!! The 6-channel DX6i uses the latest DSMX / DSM2 technology, and includes an impressive list of programming features for both airplanes and helicopters that are simple to access and use. See it here.

The New Eflite Radian XL Is Here! Available In BNF or PNP

The giant E-Flite Radian XL 2.6m motor glider adds a whole new dimension of soaring excitement to the Radian line while staying true to its heritage with simple elevator/rudder/throttle/spoiler controls, while The AS3X technology built into the Spektrum AR636A receiver in the BNF version helps give the model an incredibly stable, locked-in feel in the air. This smooth, precise response makes for much more enjoyable flying experience, especially on windy days. Or the Plug-N-Play version allows you to supply your own transmitter & receiver. Check them out here.

A Fantastic Sunday Flyer - The 100" 30cc Big Stik Builds Easily & Flies Like A Stik On Steroids!

Designed by Phil Kraft, the original concept of the Ugly Stik was to design a radio controlled aircraft which could be built in an absolute minimum of time and could be considered as expendable. Now there's a giant size 100" 30cc option for you! The Big Stik builds up fast, assembles easily at the flying field, and can take the abuse of training as well. We all know the saying, the bigger they are the nicer they fly. Check it out here.

Another Legend Is Reborn With Our Latest Laser Cut Short Kit - The 64" F3A Aerobatic Curare!

Here's one for the aerobatics enthusiasts, as another legend is reborn with our laser cut short kit! The Curare is a 64" 60 size 3FA aerobatic design by Hanno Pretner which won the 1997 World RC Aerobatic Championships. The Curare performs amazing aerobatic routines with a 60 size two stroke, 90 four stroke or 10cc petrol, or 5 cell electric motor. Here's your chance to fly a legend. Check it out here.

Try An Awesome RC Vehicle At A Great Price - ECX Vehicles Now In Stock From $199!

If you would like to dip your toe into the water and give the awesome hobby of RC vehicles a go without spending a lot of cash, Horizon Hobby's ECX brand is the perfect choice. Perfect for kids and adults alike, they're a quality product supplied complete with everything you need in the box to get straight out and drive, including a simple a bulletproof NiMh battery system, ECX is perfect for kids and adults alike. We're even running an introductory special! The 1/18 Scale vehicles start at $199 and the 1/10 Scale at $299. Check them out here.

Huge New Range Of EV-Peak Chargers Now In Stock - From 12 Watts to 1000 Watts

We've just added a whole range of EV-Peak Chargers to our inventory, and there's a charger for every job. Whether you want to charge LiPo, LiFe, LiHV, NiMh or Pb, from 12 watts to a whopping 1140 watts! Dual and Quad channel options allow you to charge up to four batteries at once on the same charger. See them all here.

Thousands Of Traxxas Spare Parts Now Available Online! Click Your Vehicle & Grab Your Parts

Traxxas is the number one selling brand in the industry, and we are very proud to stock the Traxxas line of electric and nitro vehicles. We now have the full range of thousands of Traxxas spare parts lised on our site, categorised by vehicle, to make it even easier to grab what you need. You can purchase your Traxxas gear with confidence, because as a Gold Partner we have priority service from Traxxas New Zealand, the ability to approve warranty claims, and extensive stock available with fast delivery on vehicles and parts. Grab your spare parts here.

They Just Keep Coming! TWO MORE New Laser Cut Short Kits Just Added
An Awesome Vintage From the 1930's & A Great Sunday Flyer

Back from the 1930's is the 96" Lanzo Bomber, Stooge Around The Sky All Day On A Tank Of Gas!

Another classic from the 1930's, from vintage designer Chester Lanzo it's the 96" Lanzo Bomber Laser Cut Short Kit. Originally designed for free flight, we have modified the construction of the rudder and tailplane in our kit to allow for conversion to RC. Also included is an MDF Fuselage Jig to simplify construction of the fuselage, allowing you to easily create a strong and straight airframe. Check it out here.

A Perfect Sunday Flyer - Relaxed Scale Aerobatics & Slooooooow Landings

A relaxing Sunday flyer, the 91" Spacewalker handles well on a 60 size two stroke or electric equivalent. The model can be flown slowly, yet on full power is surprisingly fast and manoeuvrable. Loops, rolls & inverted flight are well within it's capabilities, and slow landings are the rule. We have also included a laser cut windscreen and MDF jigs with the kit to aid in accurate construction of some of the curved surfaces. Check it out here.

Another Great Trainer - HobbyZone Super Cub With SAFE Ready-To-Fly Back In Stock

If you're looking for a trainer to get started in RC aircraft, with SAFE technology and carefully engineered aerodynamics, the new HobbyZone Super Cub with SAFE provide pilots with a flying experience that is gentle and worry-free, even for total beginners! Plus, everything you need comes in one box, including a Spektrum DX4e transmitter, making it the ultimate beginner-friendly aircraft. See it here.

A Great Priced Trainer With Virtual Instructor - The HobbyZone Duet Now $99!

Teach yourself to fly with the Duet RTF trainer! This small RC aircraft turns your dreams of flight into a reality. Even if you've never flown an RC airplane before, you could be flying in no time with Virtual Instructor technology. This HobbyZone-exclusive technology makes minor corrections and adjustments to help you stay confidently in control while you learn the basics. Everything you need to teach yourself to fly in one box. Read more.

TWO MORE New Laser Cut Short Kits
One For The Vintage Fans & A Beautiful 1/4 Scale Cessna!

Another Great Laser Cut Short Kit For The Vintage Fans! The 80" Playboy Senior!

A famous vintage performer, designed in the 1930's, the 80" Playboy Senior won many competitions, and broke a world record twice in 7 days. Originally designed by Joe Elgin, and modified for RC by Paul Denson, our laser cut kit of this beauty will give you many enjoyable hours of building and flying. Stable enough to be a relaxing Sunday flyer, and it's under-cambered aerofoil making it a great performer in thermals. Check it out here.

A Scale Modellers Dream In An Extensive Laser Cut Short Kit - The Gorgeous Cessna 140

A scale modellers dream come true! Cessna's famous two place light aircraft reproduced in our extensive 1/4 Scale Laser Cut Short Kit, complimented with 4 large and very well drawn and detailed plan sheets. This beautiful model is another of our extensive laser cut scale short kits, with the model made entirely of balsa, ply and spruce using standard construction methods. Any good 90 to 120 two or four stroke will provide more than enough power. Check it out here.

Dust Your Local Field With Our Laser Cut Short Kit - The 60" 40 Size Cessna Agwagon!

This could be the perfect model to fit a smoke system and dust your local field! If you like the outlines of scale model but prefer a simple build, this Cessna Agwagon could be what you're looking for. A 60 inch span for 40 to 45 size motors the simple building model features solid tail surfaces and a built up wing. We have also included a vacuum formed ABS cowl and laser cut acrylic pieces for the canopy. Check it out here.

We Are Truly Proud Of Our Laser Cut Short Kit - The DH 82A 70" 90 Size Tiger Moth

The DH 82A Tiger Moth, one of the sexiest aircraft ever built, and what better way to pay homage to this awesome design than to produce our most extensive laser cut short kit yet! Based on the very well engineered and beautifully drawn plan by Farooq Ahmad, this 70" DH 82A Tiger Moth will fly gracefully with a 90 size four stroke or equivalent electric. We wanted to make this model gorgeous, so we even completed the kit by including a fitted vacuum formed cowl and corrugated fuel tank parts, and a complete package of laser cut mild steel components for all the fixtures and fittings. We are truly proud of this kit! Check it out here.

Jump Back 85 Years With The Vintage Buzzard Bombshell Laser Cut Short Kit!

We're working hard every day to expand our laser cut short kit range, and now for the Vintage enthusiasts you can jump back to the 1930's with the awesome 72" Buzzard Bombshell. The Bombshell can be stooged around the sky by any beginner on a 35 or 45 size two stroke, or turn it into a homesick angel with a 60 two stroke! She will take off in 10 to 15 feet, and land slow enough to walk beside. Check it out here.

ParkZone Radian Plug-N-Play Back In Stock - Just Add Receiver, Battery & Go Fly

The ParkZone Radian offers the perfect opportunity for park pilots to experience the true essence of flight. Although a powerful 480 brushless motor enables initial launch, the propeller soon folds back to reduce drag, freeing the plane to utilize thermals of air to remain aloft, instead of batteries. That means flight times for this quiet and eco-friendly alternative are much longer than they are with traditional electric aircraft, making a relaxing day in the great outdoors even better. See it here.

Morgan Fuels Pre-Blended Fuel Now In Stock - Air / Heli / Car

Morgan Fuels CoolPower, Omega & Sidewinder are the number one selling model engine fuels in the world. Mogan Fuels are designed to meet the extreme demands of modern model engines and provide exceptional protection and performance. We have a full range of Aircraft, Helicopter & Car fuels, in Sport, Performance & Competition grades, so there's something for everyone. See them here.

Plus we can ship all Morgan Fuels to any NZ destination WITHOUT any additional Dangerous Goods courier charges.


We'd love you to help us spread the word about our new line of classic design laser cut kitsets, so here's a deal!. We all know word of mouth recommendation and social media activity is a great way for people to find out about new products, so we would love to see more of our kits out there at flying fields and their owners having fun with them.

Here's the deal for you, for a limited time we are taking 25% off all of our laser cut kitset! This applies to all overseas purchases as well!

Our short kits are all held in stock and ready to ship worldwide. Worldwide delivery is with NZ Post Airmail and generally delivered within 7 to 21 days. All pricing on the web site is in New Zealand dollars. More info and available kits listed here.

If You Enjoy Building, We've Got You Covered!

We have an extensive range of supplies in stock for the builder. Sheets and sheeets of micro sanded Airsail balsa, three foot and four foor lengths, sticks, leading edge, trailing edge & triangles - Plywood in Hoop Pine, Poplar or Birch, and top-quality Bud Nosen Spruce sticks in all sizes up to 9.5mm - All sorted by thickness and referenced in imperial and metric for your convenience. Plus a great range of Proedge tools, knives, saws blades, along with glues and resins of all types and covering & finishing materials. Check out "The Workshop" here.

We Now Have An In-House A0+ Size Plan Printing Service Available

We're pleased to announce that we now have an in-house plan printing service, and can print plans up to A0+ or 1070mm wide. We have a growing selection of classic model aircraft plans available on site for you to choose from. All of our plans are printed from quality digital originals and they are all in the Public Domain, so your only cost is for the printing service. We're making a start and adding our favourite pics to the web site, so check out our range of plans here.

If there's a particular plan you're after, check out the 25,000+ plans available in the Outerzone Plan Archive here or the Aerofred Plan Archive here. If you find something you like, send us a link and we will print any number of quality originals you can build straight from. Single sheets are $13.90 and $9.90 per sheet after that. If you would also like one copy to build on and one to cut up and glue to your wood to make templates then just order multiple copies.

Welcome to Hangar One

At Hangar One we love our RC Hobby, and we're passionate about building and aeromodelling, indoor flying, and small scale park flyers. That's why you'll find a great selection of gear to built the aircrat you'be always wanted, enjoy an afternoon's flying at your local park, or an indoor flying session with your friends.

Whether you're after a pile of balsa wood and glue, an indoor aerobatic aircraft or helicopter, or a 450 sized helicopter for your local park, you'll find something here to suit. We also have all the Spektrum Radio Gear, LiPo batteries, chargers, servos, parts and accessories you'll need to start flying and keep flying.

You can buy with confidence from Hangar One, because we only supply great products with full warranty and backup service, and with two courier pickups daily, or pickup available from our Tauranga office during business hours, you can be assured of receiving your purchase promptly. You won't be disappointed in dealing with us, you have my personal guarantee.

Peter Leaver

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