GT Power B6 Pro DC 50 Watt LiPo Balance Charger $68.00
GT Power B6 Pro DC 50 Watt LiPo Balance Charger
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The GT Power B6 Pro is a very advanced charger, able to charge, balance and discharge Lion, LiPo, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH and Pb batteries. All the operating modes of this charger are controlled through two way communication, between the charger and the battery to achieve maximum safety. All the settings can be configured by the user.

The charger requires an 11v - 18v DC power supply minimum 65 watts recommended.


  • Operating Voltage Range: DC 11v - 18v
  • Circuit Power: Maximum 50 Watts For Charging / Maximum 5 Watts For Discharging
  • Charge Current Range: 0.1 Amp - 6.0 Amp
  • Discharge Current Range: 0.1 Amp - 1.0 Amp
  • Current Drain For Balancing LiPo: 300 mAh / cell
  • NiCd / MiMh Battery Cell Count: 6 - 8 Cells
  • Lithium Battery Cell Count: 2 - 6 Cells
  • Pb Battery Voltage: 6v (3P) - 12v (6P)
  • Weight: 302g
  • Dimensions: 115mm x 112mm x 55mm
  • Charge: Lipo / Life / Nimh / Nicd / Pb

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