Evolution 20GX 20cc (120 Size) Petrol Engine with Pumped Carb $569.00
Evolution 20GX 20cc (120 Size) Petrol Engine with Pumped Carb
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Since the release of the Evolution 10GX small-block engine, countless modelers have discovered the benefits of petrol power in aircraft formerly dominated by the 40 size glow engines. But what about the pilots who enjoy even larger airplanes in the 91 to 120 size range?

Bring the fuel efficiency and easy operation of a petrol engine to your sport flying experience with the Evolution 20GX engine. Its new pumped carburettor makes fuel flow uniform and consistent regardless of fuel tank location and makes needle valve adjustment easier. Itís been designed with a standard beam mount and dimensions that allow it to fit anywhere you might use a 91 to 120 size glow engine.

The 20GX will breathe new life into models designed for glow power. Itís also remarkably lightweight, even with the ignition system and battery. But what sets the 20GX apart from its nitro-fueled counterparts is its phenomenal fuel efficiency. It takes only 30% of the petrol to run the 20GX the same amount of time it would to run a comparably sized glow engine. Thatís an amazing efficiency level that results in a cost per flight difference of 90% on average to you.

All of the Evolution brand petrol engines are designed from the start to provide you with excellent performance at a fraction of your previous operating costs. We have painstakingly designed each engine to insure a hassle free experience without giving away anything in expected performance or durability.
The Evolutionģ 20GX engine now features a pumped-carburettor for greater reliability and ease of installation.


  • Pumped-carburettor for greater reliability and ease of installation
  • Reliable fuel system-easy to tune and efficient
  • Outstanding power and performance for demanding RC pilots
  • Lightweight construction based on the Evolution 120NX glow engine
  • Standard 91 size beam mount allows for traditional mounting
  • Petrol delivers low operational cost and simplicity
  • 2 Cell LiPo battery compatible ignition without a regulator provides long run times
  • Lightweight electronic ignition provides easy starts and superior reliability
  • Single prop nut attachment convenience
  • In-cowl muffler included
  • Supplied with fuel tubing and filters that handle petrol and the high operating temperatures of a petrol engine
  • Total weight including muffler 961g

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