Evolution 10GX 10cc (60 Size) Petrol Engine with Pumped Carb $469.00
Evolution 10GX 10cc (60 Size) Petrol Engine with Pumped Carb
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Deliver the fuel efficiency and petrol engine ease-of-operation to your 46 to 61 size airplane flying experience with the improved Evolution 10GX engine.

Based on the 10cc engine that launched the small-block petrol engine revolution, the new 10GX features a new pumped carburettor that makes needle valve adjustment easier and allows fuel flow to be consistent regardless of fuel tank location. The 10GX is a great choice for converting your favourite airplanes to efficient petrol power.

But what sets the 10GX apart from its nitro-fueled counterparts is its phenomenal fuel efficiency. It takes only 30% of the petrol to run the 10GX the same amount of time it would to run a comparably sized glow engine. That's an amazing efficiency level that results in a cost per flight difference of 90% on average to you.

More flying on less fuel with less fuss that's what the Evolution 10GX is all about.

Standard beam mount dimensions and typical .46-size specification allow it to fit anywhere you might use a 46 to 61 size glow engine. It also means that overall weight is remarkably light, even with its included compact ignition, muffler and recommended 2 Cell LiPo ignition battery.

All of the Evolution brand petrol engines are designed from the start to provide you with excellent performance at a fraction of your previous operating costs. We have painstakingly designed each engine to insure a hassle free experience without giving away anything in expected performance or durability.


  • Pumped-carburetor for greater reliability and ease of installation
  • Reliable fuel system - easy to tune and efficient
  • One-piece torpedo style muffler included
  • Outstanding power and performance for demanding RC pilots
  • Running petrol lowers operating costs as much as 90%
  • Standard 40 to 60 size beam mount allows for traditional mounting
  • Lightweight design means better overall airplane performance
  • Uses less than a 5% petrol/oil mixture for less mess at the end of the day
  • Ignition case is half the size of traditional ignition systems
  • Accepts a wide range of ignition power options from 4.8v to 8.4v
  • Exceptionally broad torque range supports propeller sizes from 117 up to 138
  • Supplied with petrol compatible fuel tubing and high-quality filters
  • Total weight with muffler 645g

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