Estes Sky Twister Launch Set - RTF $78.00
Estes Sky Twister Launch Set - RTF
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The Sky Twister has a brilliant black and lime-green design! Launch it over 650 feet and watch the helicopter nose cone spin its way to the ground as the body tube floats gracefully down with a parachute.

The helicopter nose cone along with the vibrant design make this one heck of a rocket. Have this rocket on the launch pad in just a few minutes and enjoy countless launches!

Launch System Included:

  • Electron Beam Launch Controller (Firing Mechanism).
  • Porta-Pad II Launch Pad.
  • Launch Rod.
  • Deflector plate.
Technical Specifications:
  • Skill Level RTF.
  • Length: 490 mm, Diameter: 34 mm, Weight: 82 g.
  • Molded Plastic Fins, Easy to Build.
  • Recovery system: Parachute & Helicopter.
  • Recommended Engines: B4-2, B6-2, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5
  • Maximum Altitude: 650 feet.
Skill Level RTF: No paint, glue or modeling skills required. Rocket comes assembled and is ready to launch in minutes.

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