DELUXE Power Model 2T-S $34.84
DELUXE Power Model 2T-S
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PowerModel 2T-S

PowerModel 2T-S is based on a specially developed synthetic ester base fluid originating from naturally occurring vegetable oils. These have the high natural tenacity (oiliness) to metal surfaces so the oil will not run away from hot surfaces and are without the disadvantages of carbon deposit of mineral or vegetable oils like castor. Other types of synthetics, (eg from petroleum) don't have this property. This base fluid is combined with a clean burning powerful detergency for operation at 50:1 ratio that gives protection against corrosion from fresh or salt water (marine use) and when the engine is switched off.

The oil container allows measuring and mixing and carries mix chart on back.
The oil is dyed blue for recognition at 50:1 and is highly soluble in gasoline giving stable fuel oil ratios over months of storage even at sub zero temperatures.

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