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Our Latest Laser Cut Short Kit The Super Sinbad
Same Classic Lines From The 1943 Design Scaled Up To A 93" Wingspan 2 Channel Glider

Designed originally back in 1943, the Super Sinbad was produced by Berkeley Models as a 62" span tow line glider. We have taken those gorgeous, classic lines of the Super Sinbad and scaled it up to a 93" 2 channel glider for slope or bungee launch. The kit features a two piece wing that uses the original aerofoil, with laser cut steal wing joiner, and an easily built open fuselage structure. This kitset is one gentle slope or thermal flyer. Check it out here.

Our Laser Cut Short Kit The Heron
Featuring Classic Lines From The 1970's Scaled Up To 142" Wingspan

Drawing on the classic lines of Dave Thornburg's Bird Of Time from the 1970's, we have scaled up those timeless curves and re-engineered this into a 142" / 3.6 metre classic glider. So now you can re-live the Golden Years of RC Sailplanes in an easy building modern kitset. The design features an interlocking fuselage for straightforward and accurate construction and our own completely re-drawn full size plan. Check it out here.

A Couple Of Classics Return - ParkZone T28 Trojan & Eflite Blade 230 S Helicopter

** UPDATE ** The First Shipment Is Sold Out!
Next Shipment Due Between 22nd - 28th August
Place Your Order To Secure Yours Now.

The ParkZone T28 Trojan was the ubiquitious 4 channel warbird - it was an aircraft everyone seemed to have in the back of their car for when you wanted to just chill out and fly something awesome. Well it's back! ParkZone have put the T28 Trojan back into production, and stock is due here this week! It's still as cool as ever, and flies well on a 3 cell 2200 mAh LiPo battery.

Also is stock is the new Eflite Blade 230 S Version 2 helicopter. This new version of the popular 230 S has created quite a stir with those looking to give helicopters a go, with it's smooth flight characteristics & performance thanks to the finely tuned AS3X & SAFE system with self levelling and panic mode. Or if you want to dip your toe in the water first with a micro helicopter, we have 20% off the Eflite Blade 120 S for you.

ParkZone T28
Trojan PNP

Now $339

ParkZone T28
Trojan BNF

Now $369

Eflite Blade 230 S
Version 2 RTF

Now $599

Eflite Blade 230 S
Version 2 BNF

Now $459

Eflite Blade
120 S RTF

Was $279
Now $229

Eflite Blade
120 S BNF

Was $229
Now $179

Our Laser Cut Short Kit The Classic Pattern Kwik Fli III By Phil Kraft

Our Laser Cut Short Kit for the Classic Pattern scene is the 59" 60 Size Kwik Fli III. Another classic from designer Phil Kraft, the Kwik Fli III was the third generation in the Kwik Fli line, and was the 1967's Nationals and International winner. The concept of the Kwik Fli Series was to design an aircraft that was a basic and simple approach to a competition aircraft, producing a simple and capable aircraft which, to quote the designer "grooves through manoeuvres". Check it out here.

Our Laser Cut Full Wood Kit The Stylus 40" Hand Launch Or Bungee Launch Glider

Designed by Carl Dowdy in the late 1980's, the Stylus features a very light construction, Eppler airfoil, and increased wing cord, resulting in a small glider that is a delight to fly, and a joy to thermal in even the lightest of lift. The Stylus is a complete wood kit, so all wood components are included to complete the build.

We can ship the Stylus worldwide, and International Delivery with fully Tracked Express Courier is only $29! All prices are in NZ Dollars. Check it out here.

Hangar One Laser Cut Kitsets - Proudly New Zealand Made & Exported Worldwide

At Hangar One we are thrilled to produce a range of laser cut short kitsets and full wood kitsets. Top quality is guaranteed because we hand select our wood stock for each kitset from the best Balsa Wood from Papua New Guinea and European Plywoods, and the CAD design and laser cutting is done by Master Modeller Gwyn Avenell in Auckland. A quick turnaround of your kitset order with prompt national or international delivery is guaranteed. All pricing is in New Zealand Dollars More info on our laser cut kitsets here or check out the kitsets below.

Glider Kits

Scale Kits

Sport Kits

Vintage Kits

Our Latest Laser Cut Kitsets...

Stardust Special

Designed by Don Proggini in 1940, the Stardust Special is another gorgeous looking vintage aircraft, featuring our own full scale plan.

Miss America

If you like your Vintage Kits big, you'll love the 84" Miss America! A cabin model with a Cadillac size fuselage and 7 foot wingspan.

De Havilland Moth Minor

Our own design Moth Minor in 88" for 90 to 120 size engines includes quick and easy interlocking construction, and plug-in wings.

A Pick Of Our Top Selling Kitsets...

Buzzard Bombshell

Born in the 1930's and a two time Nationals winner by 1940, the Bombshell was a legend in it's own time. Originally a free flight aircraft it was later converted to RC.


Another pretty classic from the 1930's returns, with Ben Shereshaw's Mercury 72" Vintage model converted to a full function 3 channel RC aircraft.

Playboy Senior

A famous vintage performer, designed originally in the 1930's, the 80" Playboy Senior won many competitions, and broke a world record twice in 7 days.

Take A look At The Takahe Build Log On RC Groups...

If you would like to see how our kitsets go together, check out the RC Groups Build Log for the Takahe Glider here.

The Takahe is a complete wood kit (not a short kit), and it's a modern take on those classic RC gliders from the 70's and 80's.

The Takahe is a 3 channel RES glider and can be built as either 100" or 110" wingspan.

We've also included a pure glider nose bulkhead, or a nose mount for an electric motor Check out the kitset here.

Workshop Supplies For Building, Flying, Driving & Rocket Launching!

If You Enjoy Building
We've Got You Covered

We have an extensive range of supplies in stock for the builder. Sheets of micro sanded Airsail balsa, sticks, leading edge, trailing edge & triangles - Plywood in Hoop Pine, Poplar or Birch, and Spruce sticks in all sizes - All sorted by thickness and referenced in imperial and metric for your convenience. Plus a great range of Proedge tools, knives, saws blades, along with glues and resins of all types.

Pre-Blended Morgan Fuels
Aircraft / Heli / Car

Morgan Fuels CoolPower, Omega & Sidewinder are designed to meet the extreme demands of modern model engines and provide exceptional protection and performance. We have all grades of Aircraft, Helicopter & Car fuels, plus we can ship all Morgan Fuels to any NZ destination WITHOUT any additional Dangerous Goods courier charges.

We're Pleased To Provide An In House
A0+ Size Plan Printing Service

For those who like scratch building, we can print plans up to A0+ or 1070mm wide. If there's a particular plan you're after, check out the 25,000+ plans available in the Outerzone Plan Archive here or the Aerofred Plan Archive here. If you find something you like, email us the PDF and we will print any number of quality originals you can build straight from. Single sheets are $13.90 and $9.90 per sheet after that.

Estes Rocketry - A Unique Hobby
That's Just A Blast!

Ok, so don't get me started on how much fun model rocketry is! The noise, the smoke, a high flight and parachute recovery, it's awesome! Start with a Rocket Launch Set to get a rocket with all the essentials to launch, and grab your engines here. If you would like to know about how the whole model rocketry thing works, click here for model rocketry 101.

Recent News

Solarfilm Factory Closes - Grab Your Solarfilm Products While We still Have Stock

The sad news of the UK Solarfilm factory closure is true, and no more Solarfilm products will be produced. Solartex fabric has been a brilliant covering for vintage aircraft, and their Solite has been a favourite with small model builders where lightweight covering is important.

We have some of the last stocks of Solite, Airspan and Litespan available. So if you've got a project in mind or on the go, grab what you need quickly while there's still stock available because it's disappearing fast!

(Yes we can ship internationally. All prices are in NZ Dollars)

The 108" 90 to 120 Size Anderson Kingfisher Laser Cut Short Kit

We are very proud to present our latest Laser Cut Short Kit, the 108" Anderson Kingfisher! The prototype Anderson Kingfisher was designed and built by Earl Anderson, a Boeing 747 Captain. It took him 9 years to complete, with the first flight made in 1969.

Standard Piper Cub wings were used, and the result is a fun amphibian which flies like a Cub! We have improved on the original design with redesigned fuselage formers making up the front nose section, simplifying the build, and interlocking parts to accurately create the wing tip floats without having to do any foam cutting.

Yes we can ship our kitsets worldwide. All prices are in NZ Dollars. Check it out here.

In Stock Now - The New Spektrum DX8e - 8 Channels For Only $349!

Upgrading from a limited 6-channel radio to a more versatile 8-channel radio with computer functionality on a budget doesn't mean you have to settle for less than the best.

The Spektrum DX8e gives you the unbeatable response of DSMX technology, the simplicity of Spektrum AirWare firmware as well as many other features you won't find on other "budget" radios. Check out the new Spektrum DX8e here.

K&S Metals Products Now Available - 200 Products To Choose From!

We've said it before, we're BIG on building, and we're BIG on having the supplies that builders need. So we've added 200 new products to the site this week, with the range of K&S Metals products. Everything from Music Wire, Brass & Aluminium Tube, Solid Rod and Metal Sheets are all available online for your shopping convenience! Check out the products in The Workshop here.

Deluxe Materials Glues & Midwest Carbon Fibre Now In Stock

As you know, we're BIG on building, and BIG on having supplies for builders on hand. We have just added to our range a selection of Deluxe Materials from the UK and Midwest Carbon Fibre. Deluxe Materials are a UK manufacturer of a great range of glues and supplies for modellers. With some awesome products like their Super 'Phatic, Plastic Magic & Tricky Stick. You can see all the Deluxe Materials here. We have also added the range of Midwest Carbon Fibre, which includes Carbon Fibre Rod, Tubes & Strips. Perfect for all of those wing mounting, foam reinforcing and stiffening jobs on your model. You can see all the Midwest carbon Fibre here.

Traxxas - The Fastest Name In RC!

Hangar One Is A Gold Partner With Traxxas NZ
A Centre For All Things Traxxas!

Traxxas is the number one selling brand in the industry, and you can purchase your Traxxas gear with confidence, because as a Gold Partner we have priority service from Traxxas New Zealand, the ability to approve warranty claims, an extensive stock availability and fast delivery.

Traxxas Spare Parts
Categorised By Vehicle

We have the full range of thousands of Traxxas spare parts lised on our site, categorised by vehicle, to make it even easier to grab what you need. With over 5000 parts available, if you have a whoopsie with your vehicle you won't be on the workbench for long.

New To The Hobby & Learning To Fly? Grab One Of Our Great Trainers

If you're new to hobby and are looking at learning to fly, you need a great trainer. As aircraft that's easy to fly for those initial flights, and one that included everything you need in the box ready to go. HobbyZone have you covered, with three great options to suit all budgets.


Even if you've never flown an RC aircraft before, you can be flying in no time with help from the Duet's built-in Virtual Instructor.

Super Cub S

Step up with the Super Cub with SAFE self levelling and panic mode. A capable outdoor flyer with a 1200mm wingspan.

Carbon Cub S+

Training with GPS assistance like holding pattern, auto land & panic mode. Switch to experienced mode when you're confident.

Welcome to Hangar One

At Hangar One we love our RC Hobby, and we're passionate about kit manufacturing, building and aeromodelling. That's why you'll find a great selection of gear to build the aircrat you've always wanted, enjoy an afternoon's flying at your local park, or an indoor flying session with your friends.

Whether you're after a pile of balsa wood and glue, an indoor aerobatic aircraft or helicopter, or a training aircraft for your local park, you'll find something here to suit. We also have all the Spektrum Radio Gear, LiPo batteries, chargers, servos, parts and accessories you'll need to start flying and keep flying.

You can buy with confidence from Hangar One, because we only supply great products with full warranty and backup service, and with two courier pickups daily, or pickup available from our Tauranga office during business hours, you can be assured of receiving your purchase promptly. You won't be disappointed in dealing with us, you have my personal guarantee.

Peter Leaver

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